• August 7, 2022

Prosperity Drives Formation of Regional Group

Clark Casteel and Clarence Monday

Prosperity Drives Formation of Regional Group

Prosperity Drives Formation of Regional Group 1024 1024 Partnership for Regional Prosperity

By Robyn Sidersky, Virginia Business

Interim Pittsylvania County Administrator Clarence Monday knows what’s better than two localities working together: a whole region working to support them in a joint effort.

“The partnership between Danville and Pittsylvania County is unusually strong, so it makes sense that Pittsylvania County is a partner in the economic and community success of this region. We’re natural partners,” he says.

The partners are two of the stakeholders of the newly formed Partnership for Regional Prosperity, which aims to expand on the region’s reputation for economic development partnership.

The group’s formation is the outcome of a recommendation from the 2019 Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan, which was jointly funded by Danville, Pittsylvania and the Danville Regional Foundation in 2018.